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Why Choose North Suburban Medical Center?

  • Award-Winning Care: Proof of our dedication to excellence in care is found in the positive reviews that we hear from patients that entrust us with their care. Additionally, we are proud of other recognition that we have received which also highlights the importance that we place on patient care and the patient experience. Read more about our awards and honors.
  • First Sepsis Accredited Hospital in CO: To receive an accreditation in Sepsis from the Joint Commission, a hospital must have at least two years of history in providing quality care and adherence to certain guidelines. For example, North Suburban received its Sepsis accreditation in 2016, which means that in 2014 and 2015, we had to prove our quality and outcomes met the standards for accreditation.
  • Specialized, Advanced Care: North Suburban has become known for providing exceptional labor and delivery services, emergency care, vital health screenings such as mammograms, cardiovascular care, cancer care, orthopedic care, robotic surgery, and of course, hospital care. North Suburban also provides advanced wound care and hyperbaric treatments and operates a neonatal intensive care unit for newborns in need. Learn about our specialties.