You will be asked to sign an informed consent form, which verifies that you and your doctor have discussed the surgery that is to be performed. The staff responsible for your care will verify who you are, what kind of surgery you are having, and the expected part of your body on which surgery is to be performed. You will be asked these questions many times.

Staff will double-check what you tell them against the documents provided by your doctor's office, including X-rays. This is done to ensure your safety. Depending on the type of surgery you are having, the doctor who will perform your surgery (or another member of your health care team) will mark the correct location on your body on which your procedure is to be performed. If possible, the mark will be made before you are sedated. If you are already sedated, a family member/ friend may be asked to oversee the marking of the correct surgical site. Make sure that only the location where your procedure is to be performed is marked. It can be confusing if other sites are marked. Your doctor will take a "time out" with the surgical team just before beginning your surgery. During the time out, the members of the health care team assure themselves that they are performing the correct procedure at the correct site and on the correct person.