Breast care in South Denver

Swedish Medical Center's breast care specialists are dedicated to screening for and detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages. To do this, we provide advanced mammography services in Englewood, Colorado.

For more information about Swedish Medical Center's breast care services, please call (866) 779-3347.

Breast cancer screening

The breast cancer specialists of Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Swedish Medical Center recommend an annual screening mammogram for women who are 40-74 years old. However, you should talk to your doctor about when you should begin screening mammograms. If you have a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors, your doctor may recommend you begin screenings earlier.


Mammograms use low-dose X-rays to examine breast tissue. We offer different types of mammography, including:

  • Screening mammograms—These exams are used to detect breast cancer in women without any symptoms of the disease.
  • Diagnostic mammograms—These exams use specialized positioning and techniques to show additional details within breast tissue. They may be performed when signs of breast cancer are present, such as a lump or breast pain, or as follow-up exams for an abnormal screening mammograms. This type of mammography may also be used for patients with breast implants, as the additional angles provide a better view of breast tissue beneath the implants.

Preparing for your mammogram

To prepare for your mammogram, dress comfortably. It may be helpful to wear a two-piece outfit, as you will need to remove your top for the mammogram.

Please do not wear deodorant, perfume or powder the day of your mammogram, as these substances can obstruct the X-ray images.

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