North Suburban Medical Center installed 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography equipment in late November 2018, and recently held a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the launch of its 3D Tomosynthesis mammography program.

Traditional mammography takes images from the top and side of a breast, creating 2D images. Tomosynthesis, also known as 3D mammography, takes images in multiple planes and angles that capture clearer and more precise images. This detail and higher resolution allows medical professionals to identify problems that may not be apparent in 2D mammograms and higher density breast tissue.

"While 3D mammography provides images with clearer resolution than 2D images, patients are surprised to learn that there really isn't much difference in how the exam is performed," said Pat Clement, Supervisor of the Breast Center. "The difference is not in how the images are taken, but in the results that the 3D tomosynthesis provides — we can detect breast cancers that lie deep in the breast tissues and provide a far better option for women with dense breasts."

Since implementing the new tomosynthesis technology, North Suburban Medical Center has provided more than 400 exams and has reduced "call backs" to patients.

"Following a screening mammogram, a patient may be "called back" for additional imaging called a diagnostic mammogram to further evaluate suspicious breast tissue. These call-back diagnostic mammograms have decreased because we are seeing more detail during the screening exam. Call backs may now only lead to an ultrasound," said Michell Lewis, Director of Imaging and CVS Services at North Suburban. "It's incredibly frustrating for a person to have to come back multiple times, but tomosynthesis technology provides such detail the first time, we have been able to greatly reduce these instances."

North Suburban's addition of the service provides people living in Thornton, Westminster, Federal Heights, and Northglenn with access to the technology locally.

We always strive to meet the needs of our community and Tomosynthesis is yet another service we've added in 2019. Tomo is cutting edge and our patients deserve to have access to the latest technology. Our patients can get faster results and get back to life," said Daphne David, president and CEO of North Suburban Medical Center.

North Suburban provides mammograms at their Outpatient Imaging Center at 9195 Grant Street, Suite 304, Thornton, CO 80229. People interested in scheduled a 3D Tomosynthesis mammogram with North Suburban can call and schedule at (303) 457-7777.