Pediatric care in Denver

HealthONE is home to a family of hospitals that provide expert pediatric care to infants, children and young adults. Among our hospitals is the prestigious Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, which offers advanced and specialized diagnostics and treatments for kids of all ages.

We are experts at all aspects of caring for your child, including treating emergencies, performing minimally invasive surgery on newborns and supporting teens through cancer treatments. Throughout it all, we are committed to providing the highest level of care for every child.

For more information about HealthONE's pediatric services, call (303) 575-0055.

Pediatric specialists

Our pediatric specialists pride themselves on delivering compassionate care while creating comfortable environments for kids and their parents. To do this, every one of our affiliated hospitals adheres to the same high-quality clinical and customer services standards.

Pediatric hospital care

All of our pediatric hospital units are staffed by expert pediatric nurses and doctors. Additionally, many of our secured units feature spacious rooms and child-focused amenities, such as playrooms with toys, books and video games. Additionally, we offer comprehensive children's medical services at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

For more intensive or advanced pediatric care, we will transfer your child to our pediatric hospital, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. This hospital provides a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), the most advanced pediatric operating room in the country, and a full spectrum of pediatric specialties.

Pediatric surgery

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children offers a minimally invasive pediatric surgery program. Our pediatric surgeons are experts in reducing pain, lowering risk of complications during surgery and comforting your child before and after their surgery.

Pediatric emergency care

Our ERs (including our freestanding ERs) are affiliates of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. This means our ERs offer specialized pediatric emergency care—including equipment and rooms as well as board-certified pediatric emergency physicians and specialized pediatric nurses.

If your child's emergency requires them to have continuing care in a hospital, we can easily transfer them to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at no cost to you.

If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, always call 911.

When to take a child to the ER

If you believe your child is having a medical emergency, call 911. However, if it is not a medical emergency, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to take your child to the ER. It may help to know that we typically treat kids with symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Head injuries
  • High fevers
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Sports injuries

"Ouchless" ERs for children

As affiliates of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, our pediatric-friendly ERs are also "ouchless." This means our services for kids include:

  • Coordinated and concentrated effort to reduce pain and anxiety for both children and their parents
  • Pain-free IV starts
  • Tools for pediatric sedation that provide relaxation and comfort