Rose Medical Center
September 16, 2020

Denver, CO – Rose Medical Center's Rose Babies program has been recognized as a Maternal and Infant Quality Care Champion by the Colorado Perinatal Care Quality Collaborative (CPCQC). This designation means the hospital has access to the most current data, best practices and resources available and is leading the way for the safest, healthiest outcomes for Colorado's women and infants.

"The care of new moms and their babies is very special to us at Rose Medical Center," explains Casey Gruber, president and chief executive officer at Rose Medical Center, "We have been proud to serve as Denver's Baby Hospital for more than 70 years and we are always looking for new ways to collaborate, share best practices and learn from others. We are excited to continue this relationship through the collaborative."

Members of the CPCQC benefit from access to:

  • Expert clinical and quality improvement support
  • The most current data in infant and maternal health
  • Sharing of best practices and innovations with members around the state and nationally

The Colorado Prenatal Care Council was founded in 1975 to provide broad-based leadership in planning and coordinating statewide perinatal health care delivery. In 2015, the program began the transition to a Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PQC) and changed its name to the Colorado Perinatal Care Quality Collaborative (CPCQC). The organization believes, "By coming together in person to share data and experiences in a collaborative environment, we foster constant learning and improvement. In addition to statewide collaboration, we also partner with other Perinatal Quality Collaboratives across the country so that we can be 'the best at getting better.'"

To learn more about the collaborative, visit CPCQC. To learn more about Rose Babies, visit Rose Babies or call (303) 320-2001.