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Get to know the Rose Babies Birth Center

1. What is the biggest difference between Rose Labor and Delivery and the Rose Babies Birth Center?

The Rose Babies Birth Center is designed for those families seeking a low-intervention birth, while Labor and Delivery provides both low-intervention birth and care for mothers desiring epidurals or those who may need more medical support during their stay. We provide the same great Rose standards of care for our patients in both Labor and Delivery and the Birth Center.

2. What is a low-intervention birth?

A low-intervention birth is a birth experience where labor is allowed to begin and progress naturally without medical intervention. Pain relief is provided through non-medicinal methods such as massage, positioning or water. Technology is used minimally; for example, the baby is listened to at periodic intervals instead of monitored continuously. The environment is calm and designed to feel like home, and all of our nurses are specially trained to support physiologic birth.

3. I’m currently pregnant, but my OB provider doesn’t deliver at Rose. I want to deliver at the Rose Babies Birth Center. How can I find a provider to switch to so I can deliver there?

All Rose OB providers (OB/GYNs and midwives) may deliver at the Rose Babies Birth Center, and we would be happy to help you find information on a Rose OB provider. Find a provider now!

4. Why did Rose decide to open a birth center?

As the hospital known as “Denver’s Baby Hospital” for generations, we want to make sure that all families have the birth experience that they desire. We had been hearing from some of our moms that they had been looking for a low-intervention birth experience, which is what the Rose Babies Birth Center delivers. We are thrilled that we can now provide this to our Rose families in a nurturing environment that is also just down the hall from the safety net of our facility well known for obstetric and neonatal care. We believe it offers the best of both worlds!

5. What steps do I need to take if I want to deliver in the Rose Babies Birth Center?

There are four easy steps to complete to deliver in the Birth Center:

6. Are there required childbirth education courses?

Due to the often-shortened length of stay (both in labor and Mom/Baby), some prenatal classes are recommended to ensure you will have all the education you need during birth and the initial days at home with your baby. If you are a first time family, please attend Unmedicated Childbirth or HypnoBirthing. Second (or more!) time families who have not had a prior unmedicated birth are recommended to attend the Expanding Families Refresher Course. These and a variety of other class offerings to support the entire family are available here.

7. I’ve already taken some of the required classes. Will those count toward the required childbirth education for delivering in the Rose Babies Birth Center?

Absolutely! Classes can be taken at any time during the prenatal period and applied toward the Rose Babies Birth Center process.

8. What is the cost of delivering in the Rose Babies Birth Center?

The cost is the same as it is to deliver on our Labor and Delivery unit. There are no special charges for the Birth Center. Factors that may influence cost include the length of the postpartum stay (after baby arrives) and/or circumcision. We accept all major insurance carriers. For more specific information about financial charges, please contact one of our Financial Counselors at (303) 320-2389. We recommend contacting your insurance company to understand the scope of your individual insurance plan as well.

9. Are you credentialed as a birth center?

We are accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.

10. Can I have continuous fetal monitoring in the Birth Center?

No. Part of the low-intervention experience that our moms have asked for includes only intermittent monitoring of your baby at a frequency determined by your stage of labor. If you would be more comfortable with continuous fetal monitoring for your birth experience, we can meet your needs on Labor and Delivery and still help you achieve an unmedicated birth experience.

11. What is holistic pain management? What are some of the options that this includes?

Holistic pain management provides comfort to the body during labor without the use of pain medications. Techniques include hydrotherapy (using our deep soaking tubs), heat, massage, acupressure, positioning and more. Our nurses are trained in many of these methods to help support families with physiologic birth. Additionally, Rose offers HypnoBirthing classes and Certified Labor Doulas as additional forms of birthing support.

12. Can I use nitrous oxide in the Rose Babies Birth Center?

Unfortunately no. Moms using nitrous oxide for pain relief must have continuous fetal monitoring while using nitrous, which is not part of the low-intervention birth experience as noted above. However, if you deliver in the Rose Babies Birth Center and are in need of stitches after delivery, at that point you may use nitrous as a pain relief during that stage of recovery.

13. What pain relief options are available in the Rose Babies Birth Center?

In the Birth Center, we provide a wide variety of pain management options, including massage, positioning and hydrotherapy, and our nurses are specially trained to support families during labor. We also have HypnoBirthing classes—the only program of its kind in Colorado—and our staff is trained to assist families desiring to use that option during labor and birth. Our unique Rose Doula Connection Program is another helpful choice for families looking for extra support and comfort.

14. It appears there are no rails on the beds. Is there a birthing bar?

The Rose Babies Birth Center provides queen sized beds for labor, birth and family bonding, which means there are no rails on the beds. Currently we do not have a birthing bar option. We can accomplish similar positions with the use of our birth balls, bed, soaking tubs and unique Kaya Birth Stools, (all available to our families to in the Birth Center rooms).

15. How can I listen to my HypnoBirthing CDs in the Birth Center rooms?

Depending on your CD, it may be playable through our DVD player or through your device when it is connected to the Apple TV in your room via AirPlay.

16. Can I have a water birth at Rose?

We currently do not offer delivery in the water; however, our laboring moms can use our deep soaking tubs for hydrotherapy at any point during their labor.

17. Why have a doula when there is one-to-one nursing care in the Birth Center?

Doulas are an additional form of support for families during labor and birth. They are a wonderful asset to add to your nursing and family team. Research shows that use of a doula results in shorter labors, lower levels of fear, anxiety and stress hormones, and higher maternal and patient satisfaction with the birth experience.

At certain points during your labor and delivery, the nurse may have additional duties such as monitoring the baby or preparing the room for delivery; during these times, many families find the additional support of a doula helpful. Doulas are one of our many options for families, and not required for delivery in the Birth Center. Rose is proud to offer the Rose Doula Connection, a unique program that includes hand-selected birth doulas available to our moms at a flat fee. Learn more about the Rose Doula Connection.

18. What are the options for lighting during labor and for birth?

A variety of lighting can be accomplished with the overhead lights, the natural light from the windows, and use of our flameless candles that we keep on the unit.

19. What happens after delivery?

Following delivery, families will spend 1-2 hours recovering in their Birth Center room. Healthy families are kept together with all care being provided at the bedside. Following the recovery period, the family may be transferred to one of our Mom/Baby rooms just down the hall.

20. If I am not ready to move to a Mom/Baby room, can I stay in the Birth Center room longer, or is two hours the maximum?

If there is room availability, families may stay in their Birth Center room following delivery for a longer period of time. Length of stay in the Birth Center depends upon patient volume and the number of incoming expectant families we anticipate coming into the Birth Center that day.

21. How long do I have to stay following delivery?

Families must stay 24 hours so that their baby can receive required health screenings, such as a newborn hearing screen and a newborn genetic screen. For those families who would like to stay longer, they may stay as long as desired based upon their insurance benefits (typical insurance policies will cover two nights but please ascertain with your insurance provider).

22. When will families be allowed to discharge sooner than 24 hours?

Currently, Rose can accommodate discharge at 24 hours following the completion of several state-required newborn screenings. Many of our families have discovered that they appreciate the opportunity to stay longer to be cared for by our seasoned nursing team and have the opportunity to receive assistance from our Lactation Consultants and Car Seat Safety Team.

23. How do circumcision and the hearing screen affect discharge timing?

If you would like to be discharged at the 24 hour mark, please let your nurse know when you arrive. With notice, we can schedule your baby’s circumcision and hearing screen appropriately so that discharge time is not impacted.

24. What happens in the event that all rooms are full and a family must start labor on Labor and Delivery?

Our nurses will ensure that you have the labor experience that you desire no matter what room you are in. We will be able to transfer you to a Rose Babies Birth Center room as soon as one becomes available.

25. Is the same room service menu available as the one on Labor and Delivery?

Yes, the same special menu for our Rose Babies patients is available on both our Labor and Delivery Unit and in the Rose Babies Birth Center. And in fact, a new menu recently launched!

26. What is the difference between the Rose Babies Birth Center and a freestanding birth center?

The biggest difference between the Rose Babies Birth Center and a freestanding birth center is our ability to access next level care in an emergency. When an urgent situation occurs in a freestanding birth center, the laboring mom must be transferred by ambulance to the closest hospital. There she will be cared for by a provider and nurse team at that hospital.

If an urgent situation occurs during the labor process in the Rose Babies Birth Center, we are able to provide next-level care in a matter of minutes: mom can be transferred by gurney just down the hall to our Labor & Delivery unit. And notably, Rose Babies Birth Center families continue to be treated by their trusted OB provider and nurse team that was with them in the Birth Center. And finally, all Rose OB providers can deliver in our the Rose Babies Birth Center, midwives and OB/GYNs, while only midwives may deliver in freestanding birth centers.

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