HealthONE - May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day! We here at HealthONE and North Suburban Medical Center want to give a big shout out to all moms and thank them for all they do. Moms really are everyday heroes and should be celebrated as such.

It’s no secret that moms are some of the hardest-working individuals on the planet. Did you know that a stay-at-home mom works an average of 92 hours per week? According to, if being a mother were a paid position, a mom’s annual salary would exceed $140,000.

While it’s true that motherhood can demand most of your time, it also comes with an immense amount of pressure and responsibility. For new moms and those who are expecting their first child, adjusting to the stress and demands of motherhood is no easy feat.

“It’s important for all moms to prioritize their physical and mental health, so that they can best care for their own children. As a mom, it can be hard to find time to do the things you enjoy, but it’s imperative for your overall health and well-being,” says Cindy Long, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist at The Women’s Health Group at North Suburban Medical Center.  

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Child & Maternal Health Education Program provides some tips and guidelines to help new moms take care of themselves, without neglecting the needs of their child:

  1. Find support by connecting with other moms — Motherhood does not have to be a job you do alone. It’s important to reach out and connect with other moms who are going through similar issues in raising their own children. Many communities have a young mother’s group. There also online communities for new moms. A group gives moms the chance to learn from other mothers who have been through the same things, and also share your feelings and struggles with motherhood.
  2. Make “me time” a priority — Make time for yourself so that you can rest, relax and unwind — without the kids around. Take a hot bath, go for a walk, read a book, or do something you love that doesn’t involve your duties as a mom. Many new moms might feel like they can’t take time out for themselves, but it’s an important aspect of your mental and emotional well-being.
  3. Don’t try to be a “Supermom” all the time — New moms might face a lot of pressure to be perfect or do everything right. A better way is to set small, realistic goals for yourself. It’s okay if the dishes pile up sometimes or the laundry doesn’t get done.
  4. Let others know when you need help — Some moms try to do everything themselves, but they don’t have to. Asking for help is a healthy sign that you are taking care of yourself and know what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and let family and friends take on some of the motherhood responsibilities.
  5. Try your best to sleep when the baby does — Lack of sleep can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. While it’s not always easy to get enough sleep when you have a newborn, it’s best to rest when your baby is sleeping.
  6. Spend time with family, friends and new moms — Spending all your time with the baby might leave you feeling overwhelmed, lonely or isolated. It’s important to seek out the companionship of other adults, like friends and family, who can be there for you while you adjust to motherhood. Create a regular time for you and your partner to be together, just the two of you.

Motherhood can be one of life’s greatest joys. But for new moms, it also comes with many challenges. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that all moms need a strong support system.

At HealthONE and North Suburban Medical Center, our physicians are dedicated to providing expecting moms, new moms and women with children with the best care and treatment possible. We are here when you need us.