HealthONE - December 05, 2022


“My husband Rock, came into the medical ICU on Wednesday late afternoon. He was in immense, excruciating PAIN with failing kidneys and very high calcium. It was all a huge surprise to us. Amy came on duty 05/19/2022 and really related to Rock and tried to do everything to make him comfortable. His condition is not as common as most they see in the ICU. She went out of her way to learn about the specifics and help him try to relax. Rock likes humor- dry humor and Amy rolled with him and helped him feel a connection. He really needed to feel safe and her attentiveness helped him feel safe. Amy also made me and my sister feel okay about what we were doing to help. She was a delight to be around. Extremely empathetic and preemptive in taking care of his needs. An exceptional awareness of what might help at any moment. She seemed to really enjoy her work and that showed. When someone really likes their work, there is an ease and joy about them.

“She quickly responded and went to imaging when Rock was there because no one in imaging seem to understand or care about his immense body pain. She stayed with him and they were able to complete the work. Rock was so happy to see her because he felt the X-ray techs were incompetent., Amy worked hard to keep us up to date and get much needed procedures done.

“All of the nurses were really good, Amy was exceptional for us!”