HealthONE - November 30, 2020

What to expect during the first trimester

Bodily changes to look for at this time include swelling and soreness of breasts and the urge to urinate more frequently as the uterus grows and presses against the bladder. Fatigue and morning sickness most commonly occur during the early stages of pregnancy. The nausea is caused by increased levels of hormones in your system.

Your baby’s development

By the end of the 12th week, (1st trimester), the baby’s heart is already beating and the head is beginning to take form. Though only three inches long and about one ounce in weight, your baby can kick (though you won’t be able to feel it), smile, squint and swallow.

First trimester checklist

  • Schedule doctor’s appointments.
  • Develop an exercise program with your doctor’s help.
  • Review insurance coverage.
  • Brush up of the basics of healthy nutrition.

Selecting a doctor

It's important to find the right doctor to fit your needs and preferences during pregnancy. At HealthONE, we offer access to a variety of doctors to support you throughout your pregnancy and provide high-quality obstetric care.

In addition to our OB/GYNs, our medical staff consists of:

  • Perinatologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Neonatologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Perinatal nurse practitioners
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners
  • Certified nurse midwives
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists

As a team, our goal is to provide you with choices for quality care throughout your pregnancy and your baby’s birth. Should you or your baby experience difficulties during your pregnancy or after delivery, we have immediate medical backup available to assist your personal physician or midwife.

Financial planning

Everyone’s insurance plan is unique. We encourage you to contact your carrier for precertification to confirm one of our HealthONE locations is an approved provider in your plan. If you do not have maternity insurance, we offer competitive pricing for pre-payment in a bundle plan which can be obtained through financial services. We can also direct you to physicians who accept self-pay patients.

Locations for pregnancy care

We offer expert pregnancy care at all of our HealthONE locations, including:

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