HealthONE - November 30, 2020

Starting a family with surrogacy

At Sky Ridge Medical Center, we understand that the decision to use a surrogate or gestational carrier is deeply personal. We are here to provide an extraordinary experience for our patients and their families with safety and quality as top priorities, no matter what their journey looks like.

A social worker will work closely with you to collect all the necessary documentation as well as assist you with scheduling an individualized tour prior to delivery. This tour is the perfect opportunity to learn about important issues such as banding and security, rooming in for intended parents and insurance/payment. Some intended parents who plan for delivery at our hospital are not from the Denver area, but we are happy to include all parties “virtually”, if needed, to allow everyone the opportunity to have their questions answered.

If you have questions about surrogacy or to schedule a tour, please call 720-225-2433.

We've become the provider of choice for South Metro Denver families, because our compassionate, highly experienced nursing team and trusted doctors truly care for our patients.

Resources for surrogacy patients or gestational carriers

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