HealthONE - April 10, 2020

We understand that the uncertainty of COVID-19 has been causing increased fear and anxiety in our patients and in the community. In addition to caring for the physical health concerns of those we serve, we are now more than ever, dedicating resources to provide support for mental health.

HealthONE, a leader in short-term mental health services, is now offering an online platform to provide outpatient treatment for our patients. Led by master's level clinicians, the HIPAA compliant tele therapy option provides patients with new tools to master the practical challenges of everyday life in addition to coping with a variety of mental health conditions. With this service, patients are able to receive the same treatments and benefits of traditional therapy, in the comfort of their own home. The tele therapy option is appropriate for adolescents and adults struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues.

For more information about our telemedicine therapy services, please call (720) 431-6619

Telehealth therapy treatments we offer

Our virtual therapists offer different treatment options to ensure patients receive the care that is right for them. These include:  

Individual therapy

Counseling and individual therapy are forms of treatment for behavioral health disorders that involve talking through life events, current and past emotions and difficulties. The goal of this treatment is to determine the source(s) of the patient’s symptoms and identify tools to help the patient cope with the underlying issue.

Family therapy

Similar to individual therapy, family therapy provides resources for coping with emotions, with a particular emphasis on the family unit. This may mean determining how a family member’s actions and reactions affect one another. The goal of family therapy is to not only help the patient cope with their underlying issue, but also help additional family members understand the patient and how to support them. It’s important to note there may be more than one family member experiencing difficulty.

Psychiatry appointments

Psychiatry appointments are used to determine what type of mental health condition a patient may be experiencing, such as anxiety or depression. During a psychiatry appointment, the clinician asks the patient specific questions to identify a behavioral health condition, in addition to any potential causes. While some psychiatrists offer both diagnoses and therapy, some may refer out for therapeutic treatments.

During a time of increased environmental stress, it’s important to focus on taking care of your mental health. Our specially trained clinicians are here to provide you with the support and resources you need to find peace amidst this uncertainty. We currently accept many different insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare. We also offer sliding fee scale for patients paying out of pocket.

Patient testimonials:

“I'm a much better communicator after attending PHP/IOP.”

“Thanks to the effort and hard work of all of you there has been a noticeable change in my daughter.”

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