A comprehensive pharmacy residency training program offering both adult and pediatric care

The Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (PSLMC) and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) campus is located in the Uptown neighborhood in Denver, CO, providing the most advanced care for patients across the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. We are proud to serve our community with experienced clinicians who offer a wide range of medical services for patients of all ages. Our pharmacy residency program offers experience in both adult and pediatric care. We provide opportunities that very few institutions can offer, including hematology/oncology/hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (adult and pediatric), liver/kidney transplantation, Level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and pediatric cardiology/neurology. PSLMC and RMHC are proud to be part of HCA Healthcare and the HealthONE system of hospitals, which offer additional opportunities to our pharmacy residents.

Program quick facts

Number of positions: 2

For application deadline and program start dates, see the ASHP residency program directory.

Program description

Core rotations (required):

  • Orientation (4 weeks)
  • Administration (4 weeks)
  • Medication Safety (4 weeks)
  • Internal Medicine I (6 weeks)
  • Adult Critical Care (6 weeks)
  • Pediatrics (6 weeks)
  • Infectious Diseases (4 weeks)
  • Adult Hematology-Oncology (6 weeks)

Elective rotations (may choose any two of the following):

  • Adult Solid Organ Transplant (Kidney, Liver)
  • Academia/Advanced Internal Medicine
  • Infectious Disease II
  • Adult Hematology-Oncology II
  • Adult hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Pediatrics II/NICU
  • Administration II
  • Pediatric oncology/ hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Critical care
  • DI/Research
  • Additional off-site rotations also offered within HealthONE (i.e. Emergency Medicine or Trauma ICA at Swedish Medical Center, Behavioral Health at The Medical Center of Aurora)

Other requirements and opportunities:

  • Drug Policy and Formulary Management (longitudinal learning experience)
    • Completion of a Medication Use Evaluation
    • Participation in Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) committees
  • Service Commitment/ Staffing (every other weekend, with project day post-staffing weekend)
  • Completion of a longitudinal year-long research project, which is presented at a National Meeting and submitted for publication (required)
  • Teaching Certificate Program through the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (elective)
  • Precepting Pharm.D. students in a layered learning model

Staffing responsibilities

Each resident will fulfill service component (staffing) responsibilities within various areas of the hospital. ASHP and PSLMC/RMHC view the service component as necessary in preparing a resident to practice independently. Currently our service component plan is for staffing every other weekend, one week of staffing concurrent with one major winter holiday, and one week of staffing in the spring. Residents will have one project day on the Monday after each staffing weekend.

Residency stipend and benefits

Residents are paid a competitive stipend for the 52-week residency year (see ASHP residency directory). As an employee of HealthONE, residents accrue approximately 20 days of paid time off (PTO) per year; this time can be used for personal days, holidays, job interviews, and/or illness.

Other benefits include:

  • Health, dental and vision insurance (learn more about the HCA Total Rewards program)
  • HCA 401(k) Plan
  • Registration and travel stipend for ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Mountain States Residency Conference
  • Library services with online journal access
  • Onsite concierge service providing assistance with personal services
  • Onsite Wellness Center and Fitness Center
  • Discounts on a number of products and services

Pharmacist licensure

Residents who match at P/SL are required to obtain pharmacist licensure in the state of Colorado. The licensure process takes approximately 6-8 weeks and residents should strive to obtain licensure as soon as possible or by September 1st. We recommend you attempt to take your exams as early as feasible, and retain records all materials submitted for licensure. More information can be found on the Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations website. If extenuating circumstances occur and the resident has not obtained licensure by September 1st, the Residency Advisory Committee will review the situation and may permit an extension of up to 30 days. If the resident has still failed to obtain licensure after this period, they may be dismissed from the program.

Application requirements

See the ASHP residency directory for up to date information regarding application deadlines and requirements.

ASHP matching program

  • Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center PGY1 Residency Program participates in the ASHP Resident Match Program.
  • All applicants must register for the match on the National Matching Services website.

Pharmacy preceptors