Benefits & Rewards for Nurses at Swedish Medical Center

There are many financial assistance programs for continuing education that have been available to nurses.

Tuition Reimbursement

This program provides employees with financial reimbursement for tuition and books. In addition to encouraging employees to participate in on-going education, it strives to prepare them to increase competence in their present position or prepare them for promotion.

  • All regular full-time ($3,000 per year) and part-time ($2,000 per year) employees are eligible immediately upon employment
  • Employees are reimbursed after successful completion of their class with a grade C or above

Special Assignments Council Scholarships

To assist employees who wish to further his/her education in health care related professions.

  • Scholarships are to be used for books, fees and other expenses during the academic year; $1,000 scholarships awarded

Medical Staff Nursing Scholarships

  • Annually award two $2,000 scholarships for employees pursuing a nursing degree; awarded during Nurses' Week

Nurse Residency Program at Swedish Medical Center

One of the on-boarding initiatives at Swedish Medical Center is the Nurse Residency Program for new graduate nurses. As we looked at opportunities to enhance practice readiness and optimize the performance of the new graduate nurse, Swedish Medical Center determined that a six-month nurse residency program would provide the tools for a quality transition from a student role into a professional nursing role.

This program provides ongoing support that affords an understanding of the organizational structure while assisting the nurse to critically think and become a leader at the bedside. Upon hire all new graduate nurses will be assigned six consecutive monthly seminars.

These multidisciplinary seminars target topics such as:

  • skill development
  • knowledge acquisition
  • relationship development
  • quality methodologies
  • time management
  • reflective thinking

In addition, the new graduate completes department specific clinical orientation, on line modules, and job-required classes. Mentorships, professional role development, and career pathways are available for support and professional enhancement.

Our Nursing Model at Swedish Medical Center

A professional practice model is a picture of how we give care for patients at Swedish. It encompasses all of the programs and processes we have in place which allow us to give excellent care everyday.

Swedish Professional RN Practice Model

The Swedish Medical Center Professional Nurse Practice Model is best described as a hot air balloon. In this model we have Swedish as the overarching organization, which gives us the ability and resources to provide all of the elements on the balloon:

  • Professional Nurse Practice Council
  • Caring for Each Other
  • Relationship-Based Care
  • Unit-Based Council
  • Values and Standards
  • Swedish Memorable Care

It is with these elements we are able to carry and care for the patient and family through their journey at Swedish Medical Center.

At Swedish, the Patient is Our Focus

Each nurse strives to create an environment that promotes:

  • Mutual respect
  • Teamwork among caregivers in all disciplines
  • Personal accountability
  • Excellence in both the art and science of nursing

We believe in providing the best care to each patient. We are committed to being professional, competent, and compassionate. We enhance our nursing abilities by continually seeking advanced education to care for our diverse patients.