The Rose Medical Center Surgical Readiness Department offers a dedicated on-site staff that specializes in providing pre-surgical clearance as well as educating patients about their upcoming surgeries.

Pre-Surgical Clearance

Patients who utilize the Surgical Readiness Department are seen by a specialized medical doctor. This provider completes a thorough medical work up to ensure the surgeon has the clearest picture of the patient's health possible. In addition, our staff runs any necessary pre-operative testing, such as lab work and EKGs, and implements state-of-the-art pre-operative protocols that have been shown to provide the best outcomes possible (for example, "Enhanced Recovery After Surgery" (ERAS) and "Surgical Site Infection Prevention" (SSI Prevention)).


Our compassionate and experienced staff members also take the time to educate patients and families about the surgery, steps that should be taken to prepare for surgery and how to best optimize recovery.

To schedule your pre-operative appointment with the Surgical Readiness Department, please call (303) 320-7100.