Birth doulas in Denver

A doula serves as a companion, a support person and, often, a birth coach to laboring mothers. Each of our labor and delivery hospitals welcome doula support and may help connect you with your doula. Learn about the Doula Connection program at Rose Medical Center and the Doula Resource Guide from Sky Ridge Medical Center.

What is a doula?

Doulas, or "labor assistants," provide continuous and attentive care for laboring women and their partners. While they do not provide medical care, they do provide emotional and physical support for families by using techniques that focus on massage, touch, position, relaxation and breathing.

Doulas do not replace mom’s birth partner but rather assist mom and her partner in having the birth experience they desire. Doulas are there to support families whether they choose a medicated or non-medicated delivery.

The benefits of birthing with a doula

  • Continuous, uninterrupted support for the parent-to-be
  • Improved labor and delivery outcomes, such as shorter labor and lower C-Section rates
  • Decreased use of pain medication
  • More positive childbirth experience

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