Natural labor and delivery in Denver

Important Information

Beginning February 1, the Rose Babies Birth Center rooms will be temporarily closed due to the continuous expansion and renovation of the Rose Babies unit. We anticipate re-opening our Birth Center in late fall 2021. However, at Rose, you can still have a low-intervention birth center experience (if you are medically eligible) regardless of the room where you labor/deliver.

Just as with the Birth Center, all labor and delivery rooms at Rose include:

  • Calm and relaxing atmosphere
  • Hydrotherapy (Jacuzzi tubs)
  • Ability to move around the room
  • Squatting bar and other birthing props
  • Intermittent monitoring option for low-risk labors
  • Nurses who know and support all types of birth experiences, including unmedicated
  • Option to have a Rose Doula or a private certified doula to further support you during birth, if applicable

Although not required, prenatal training in unmedicated labor techniques (see Natural childbirth classes section below) and a pre-admission Your Rose Baby appointment are still recommended if you are interested in a low-intervention birth. At Rose, our facilities and staff are prepared to support you and your birth wishes!

At HealthONE, we know some women desire an all-natural birth when it comes to welcoming their little one. That is why our hospitals offer a range of amenities and expert staff to support unmedicated labor and delivery. Our childbirth teams use their years of expertise and compassionate approach to care to help you experience childbirth your way.

For more information about natural labor and delivery at a HealthONE hospital, please call (303) 575-0055.

Our labor and delivery hospitals

With six HealthONE hospitals in the Greater Denver area, it is convenient to find a birth center that is both close to home and right for you. Some of the amenities we offer for natural labor and delivery include labor tubs, birthing balls and squat bars.

Our locations include:

Our natural birth center

All of our hospitals support natural births, however, Rose Medical Center provides the only in-hospital natural birthing center in Colorado—The Rose Babies Birth Center. This low-intervention birthplace offers families a calming, home-like environment that supports physiological birth, with a full-service medical center just steps away.

Mothers will be cared for by their own trusted clinician—whether that is an OB/GYN or midwife—along with our specially trained nurses. This care is all provided within the safety net of a facility well-known for excellence in obstetric and neonatal care.

Features of The Rose Babies Birth Center

Rose Babies Birth Center is the first and only in-hospital birth center in Colorado to be accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.

Features of Rose Babies Birth Center include:

  • Apple TV in each room to aid in relaxation
  • Dedicated childbirth navigator
  • Denver’s only hypnobirthing hospital
  • Doula services
  • Family-centered care
  • Fully remodeled unit with spacious, all-private rooms
  • Holistic pain management and labor support tools
  • Lactation support
  • Midwifery care
  • Nurses with special training in physiologic birth
  • One-to-one nursing care for personalized and focused support
  • Oversized tubs for relaxation
  • Queen size beds for labor, birth and family bonding

Additionally, if you start to deliver in our birth center and it is determined that medical intervention is needed, our full-service hospital is just down the hall.

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Soothing techniques for an unmedicated birth

The details of your birth plan are important to us. This is why we offer multiple options to support the natural birth experience through unmedicated pain management equipment in the birthing rooms.

Rooms at our birth centers are equipped with in-room whirlpool tubs, squat bars, rocking chairs and birthing balls. Our nurses have received specialized training on comfort and support measures for childbirth, and we also offer doula services for a flat fee.

As another benefit, in-room massages are available for a small fee. (Massage during labor can help decrease labor pain, stress and anxiety.)

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Preparing for your childbirth experience

We look forward to helping you achieve the low-intervention birth you and your family envision. To ensure the safety of mom and baby, we encourage you to take a few extra steps to ensure you are as prepared as possible:

  • Attend a Rose Babies Birth Center informational seminar to learn more about the options available to you.
  • Meet with your obstetrician to receive health clearance. (Certain conditions may require you to deliver on a traditional labor and delivery unit.) Your doctor will also have a disclosure form for you to sign.
  • We recommend that mothers who are planning for their first unmedicated birth take a class to help prepare for the delivery and recovery. (You will find information on our natural childbirth classes below.)
  • Attend a Your Rose Baby pre-admission appointment to have your health history completed and final questions answered.

Natural childbirth classes

We want to help you feel as prepared as possible for your natural labor and delivery experience. We offer a variety of classes designed to help you learn relaxation techniques and what to expect. Some of our classes include:

Hypnobirthing preparation

Rose Medical Center is the only hospital in Denver offering a hypnobirthing class. Hypnobirthing is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress-free birth experience.

This class, taught by a hypnobirthing certified instructor, teaches you and your birthing companion how to call upon your body’s natural relaxants to lessen, or even eliminate, discomfort and the need for medication.

Unmedicated childbirth preparation

The unmedicated childbirth preparation class is a four-week program focused on providing parents with tools to help achieve an unmedicated birth. Topics to be covered include the anatomy and physiology of childbirth, the role of pain in childbirth and natural pain coping strategies.

Unmedicated childbirth supplement

The unmedicated childbirth supplement class is for parents who have taken a labor and delivery preparation course who also want to review and practice labor comfort skills. This class is also recommended for expanding families who would like a refresher on relaxation techniques.

Private preparation for childbirth

When all else fails to work for your schedule, or if you have special needs that you feel will be better met on a one-to-one basis, a private class may be your best choice. The time frame of your class will be based on your individual needs, with the average class lasting two to three hours. The fee for private classes is $45 per hour.

To schedule a private class, please call (303) 320-2001 or email us.