Natural labor and delivery in Denver

At HealthONE, we know some women desire an all-natural birth when it comes to welcoming their little one. That is why our hospitals offer a range of amenities and expert staff to support unmedicated labor and delivery. Our childbirth teams use their years of expertise and compassionate approach to care to help you experience childbirth your way.

For more information about natural labor and delivery at a HealthONE hospital, please call (303) 575-0055.

Our labor and delivery hospitals

With six HealthONE hospitals in the Greater Denver area, it is convenient to find a birth center that is both close to home and right for you. Some of the amenities we offer for natural labor and delivery include labor tubs, birthing balls and squat bars.

Our locations include:

Low–intervention birth

We know you want to make the best choice for you and your growing family. Many of our patients want to limit medical interventions for a more natural childbirth experience. All our labor and delivery hospitals provide support for natural birth in calming, comfortable environments that support physiological birth. While we do everything we can to support a healthy, natural birth, you also can rest assured that full-service medical care is just steps away should you or your baby need it.

Unique to Rose Medical Center is the Rose Babies Birth Center. In the Rose Babies Birth Center rooms, you will find oversized tubs for relaxation and oversized beds for labor, birth and family bonding and a calming home-like environment free from extra equipment typically used for medical intervention.

At the Sky Ridge Birth Place and at Rose Babies at Rose Medical Center, our Labor & Delivery team has adopted Spinning Babies© techniques that can help you have an easier birth by helping baby get in the best position to fit your pelvis. These strategies are also important when labor seems long, painful or stalls. The goal is to “activate the nature within the body by working with the body in new ways.” These techniques have helped many avoid cesarean surgery and we know this is very important to you.

Features of each hospital vary based on location, but many of our facilities provide:

  • Doula services
  • Family-centered care
  • Holistic pain management and labor support tools
  • Lactation support
  • Midwifery care
  • Nurses with special training in physiologic birth
  • Spacious, all-private rooms
  • Video and audio technology to aid in relaxation

Soothing techniques for an unmedicated birth

The details of your birth plan are important to us. This is why we offer multiple options to support the natural birth experience through unmedicated pain management equipment in the birthing rooms.

Many of our rooms are equipped with in-room soaking tubs, squat bars, rocking chairs and birthing balls. Our nurses have received specialized training on comfort and support measures for childbirth, and we also welcome doula services.

As another benefit, in–room massages are available for a small fee. Massage during labor can help decrease labor pain, stress and anxiety.

Preparing for your childbirth experience

We look forward to helping you achieve the low-intervention birth you and your family envision. To ensure the safety of mom and baby, we encourage you to take a few extra steps to ensure you are as prepared as possible:

  • Meet with your obstetrician to receive health clearance. (Certain conditions may require you to deliver with more traditional support.)
  • Consider taking one of our specialized childbirth preparation classes focused on providing parents with tools to help achieve an unmedicated birth: