Neonatal intensive care in Denver

As a parent, we know nothing matters more than your baby’s health. Rose Babies at Rose Medical Center provides a high level of neonatal care in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Here, experienced neonatal doctors and specialized nurses provide expert, family-centered care to babies who need additional support after birth.

As a Level III NICU, we provide some of the most advanced neonatal care available today. The doctors and nurses in our award-winning NICU provide intensive medical care for newborns who are born prematurely (as early as 23 weeks) or have a mild to serious illness.

As a Level III NICU, the likelihood your child will need to be transferred to another hospital is very low. However, if your baby requires a higher level of care, we will quickly transfer them to the Level IV NICU at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, our sister hospital.

We understand this time can be stressful for families. To support you, our program provides complimentary visits available from our in-house perinatal behavioral health therapist. Our therapist has specialization in infant mental health and provides care for the emotional and educational needs of NICU parents.

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NICU amenities and services

All the rooms in our NICU are private and several are able to hold twins or triplets. Additional amenities of our NICU include:

  • 24 beds located in 18 private rooms
  • 24/7 coverage by neonatal nurse practitioners and board-certified neonatologists (doctors who specialize in the care of premature and seriously ill newborns)
  • 24/7 visitation for parents
  • A highly trained team of NICU nurses
  • A Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP) with the aid of a trained developmental specialist
  • Camera system to broadcast live video of your newborn to support parent-child bonding when family members cannot visit the hospital, help lessen stress and worry for parents of children in the NICU and increase staff productivity.
  • Certified lactation consultants who are also NICU nurses
  • Compassionate and comprehensive treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)
  • Donor breast milk, if needed
  • Infant rooms accommodating your family to stay at the bedside as much as desired
  • Skin-to-skin contact encouraged and supported
  • Special NICU beds with the ability to transform from incubators to cribs as baby grows and gets stronger
  • Specialized beds designed to transfer baby anywhere in the hospital while remaining in the bed
  • Specially reserved, convenient parking for NICU parents in our main garage at Ninth Avenue and Cherry Street

Breastfeeding babies in the NICU

Our NICU team supports your efforts to breastfeed your little one(s). Each NICU room has its own refrigerator and bottle warmer for easy-to-access milk storage and preparation. We also have specialized breast pumps designed

NICU at HealthONE

The neonatal intensive care unit provides critical care to newborns who are ill or premature. Many factors may lead to a newborn being admitted to the NICU, including low birth weight or complications during delivery. The NICU staff works closely with parents to develop a treatment plan for their newborn.

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